Terms & Conditions

Upon accepting your itinerary, you agree with the following Terms & Conditions:

All vehicles are non-smoking. The client assumes full financial responsibility for any damages to the vehicle or property caused by the client or party whether by accident, neglect, or intent. We are not responsible for any personal belongings left behind in the vehicle.

Upscale Car & Limo Service shall not be held liable for any damages arising out of its company's inability to perform due to inclement weather, mechanical or electrical difficulties, delays due to traffic conditions, or any unforeseen events beyond its reasonable control.

Long-Distance Travel Time:

All long-distance trips are rated by the hour. There will be a travel time charge back to the City of Charlotte, or from the City of Charlotte to the pickup location which is provided.

Airport Arrival:

We do our best to track your flight, but if you MISSED your flight, or your flight was CANCELED, Upscale Car & Limo Service must be called at 980.430.3293. Provide us with your new flight information to avoid been charged in FULL for "NO SHOW".


Sedans and SUVs

Due to chauffeur's schedule adjustment and vehicle preparation, cancellation charges will apply when the client/passenger cancels before 6 hours of the scheduled reservation for the base amount and before 24 hours of the scheduled reservation for the full amount refunded. When canceled a reservation please make sure that you have received an email cancellation notice which will show the time and date you canceled. This will assure you that your cancellation was accepted as per our cancellation policy and you will not be charged the full or base amount as contracted.


All itineraries are billable shortly after booking your reservation with a confirmation number. No refunds are available within 6 hours towards the pickup time scheduled on your itinerary. Please allow 5 - 10 business days for your refund.

Meet & Greet:

The chauffeur assigned will have a NAME SIGN displaying on their device at the bottom of the escalator, inside the BAGGAGE CLAIM area of the terminal. If you do not see your chauffeur at the pick-up point established on your reservation, DON’T LEAVE the location before calling our office. IT’S THE CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO CALL US. You must call 980.430.3293 provided on your confirmation. If you LEAVE THE PICK-UP LOCATION without calling us you will be CHARGED for the full price of the ride contracted. All efforts to contact a customer via cell numbers and all other contact information will be made before your chauffeur is released, then the trip will become deemed, a "NO SHOW" reservation.

Wait Time:

For addresses, businesses, events, or hotel pickups, we offer a 15 minute grace period. We will charge $1.00 per minute wait time thereafter. For domestic flight arrivals, there's no charge for wait time at the airport while your flight is on the tarmac waiting for a gate, only after 30 minutes when your flight is gated. For international flight arrivals, wait time applies after 1 hour from the time your flight is gated for $1.00 per minute. Exceptions will apply. For example, lost bags, special services, or medical emergencies.

Extra Stop:

For an additional stop for a luxury sedan or an SUV is $10.00 per stop along the route. Wait time applies after 15 minutes. Off the route is an hourly rate for 2 hours the minimum. Some situations along the route are exceptional due to an emergency, brief stop, or a close stop. Please give us a call for a better rate.

Luggage Fee:

Any amount of luggage over 5 is considered excessive. Luggage fee is $20.00 for 6 and above. Carry on luggage is not applied to any charges. 


Overnight Fee:

An overnight fee of $10.00 is applied when your itinerary is scheduled between the hours of 12:00 AM and 4:59 AM.

Service Transfer Charge (STC):

Service Transfer Charge is 5% of the flat rate charged for your trip. STC fee is for the cleanliness of the vehicle's interior and exterior, and the amenities provided in the limousine.

(1) All the above Terms & Conditions were created by our Customer Support Department. Revised and approved by our company's attorney. 

(2) All service rates are on file with the City of Charlotte - Passenger Vehicle for Hire.

Linda Vastag

Director of Operations

Customer Support: 980.430.3293

Thank you for choosing Upscale Car & Limo Service and for allowing us to serve you. We value your business!

Revised 9/17/19.